The case against William Branham

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Was William Branham a prophet? Or was he simply a Pentecostal Baptist minister who thought more of himself than he should have?

If you are a follower of William Branham, these are the things that you are asking people to ignore when you proclaim him as a prophet.

Failed prophecies

The following prophecies clearly failed:

  1. The Municipal Bridge Vision
  2. The Brown Bear Vision
  3. The Vision of the Meetings in South Africa
  4. The Tent Vision

  1. The Seven Ten Prophecies of 1933
    1. Why did William Branham prophecy that America would start World War 2? (Prophecy Changed/Failed Prophecy)
    2. Was Mussloni's invasion of Ethiopia really his last invasion? (Prophecy Changed/Failed Prophecy)
    3. Why did William Branham's prophecy of Hitler change over time? (Prophecy Changed)
    4. Did Facism, Nazisim and Communism really unite into Communism? (Failed Prophecy)
    5. Did the prophecy of egg-shaped come from William Branham's visit to the 1933 World's Fair? ("After the Fact" Prophecy)
    6. Was William Branham's prophecy of a driverless car based on a Disney TV program? ("After the Fact" Prophecy)
    7. Did women elect the wrong person or was it the men's vote? ("After the Fact" Prophecy/Failed Prophecy)
  2. Was William Branham's death before the Rapture a failed prophecy? (Failed Prophecy)
  3. [The Marilyn Monroe Vision|Was William Branham's vision of Marilyn Monroe's death accurate?]] (Failed Prophecy)
  4. Why did William Branham change the vision of the angels appearing? (Prophecy Changed)
  5. Was the meeting of Nikita Khrushchev and Dwight Eisenhower the fulfillment of Daniel chapter 2? (Failed Prophecy)

A number of his prophecies changed significantly over time:

A number of prophecies were simply after the fact prophecies:

Then there is one specific vision that he completely ignored... was this from God?

  1. If the vision of the Plum and Apple Trees was from God, why did William Branham change his mind about it in 1965? (Prophecy Changed)

  1. Did William Branham make any REAL prophecies? (We can't find any before the fact prophecies on any tape!)

The following false claims were made

  1. Were Dead Raised in William Branham's Ministry?

5 I was on my way to Sunday school, and when I was getting my Bible, a vision came before me; and I was stopped in the floor. And here was what it said. It’s on yellow paper. Will be printed in the “Herald of Faith” right away, because most all of it is fulfilled. 1933—think of this now. Many, many years ago, about twenty-eight years ago it—it taken place. Watch how accurate His Word is.

  60-1125 - Conference
  Rev. William Marrion Branham

113 In my book in there, that I keep wrote down. In 1933, one morning, fixing to go to Sunday school, a Baptist Sunday school where I was pastor, the Holy Spirit come and showed me down to the end time, and showed me seven things that would happen. I marked them down. It’s on old yellow paper.

  64-0321E - The Voice Of The Sign
  Rev. William Marrion Branham