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    A significant number of William Branham's doctrines pointed directly to himself and the importance of his ministry - This link details some of the major doctrines that pointed to his own ministry.
    William Branham preached a series of sermons on the Seven Seals in 1963. He claimed to have received the revelation to speak these sermons from an angel of the Lord. However, they are surprisingly similar to the works of Clarence Larkin.
    William Branham preached a series of sermons on the Seven Churches In Asia in 1960. Read about William Branham's doctrine on the book of Revelation, all plagiarized from the works of Clarence Larkin. It is important to note that the word "Ages" is not used in the Book of Revelation with regard to the Churches. How careful should we be if we are going to add even one word to the Book of Revelation?
    The Serpent's Seed doctrine teaches that Cain was the offspring of Eve and the serpent. Is this Biblical, and what are the implications?
    Water baptism. William Branham taught that every Christian should be baptized (or rebaptized) in the three-fold name of the Lord Jesus Christ. But does the Bible teach this? Is there one instance in the Book of Acts where anyone was ever baptized in this three-fold name?
    The Godhead. In his early sermons, William Branham prayed for the "third person in the Godhead" to come down. In his later sermons, he t taught that the doctrine of the Trinity was satanic. In the end, William Branham taught a view of the Godhead similar to that taught by Emmanuel Swedenborg in the 1700s.
    Marriage and Divorce. William Branham taught that a man could divorce his wife if she cut her hair, and then remarry. A woman, however, had no right to divorce and no right to remarry. Is this Biblical?
    Tithing is giving 10% of your income to the Church because it is a commandment of God. William Branham taught tithing, and all Message Churches teach tithing. But does the New Testament really teach tithing? (Hint: does circumcision apply in the New Testament?)
    William Branham said an angel told him never to drink alcohol. So he didn't, other than during communion. But if drinking is an attribute of sin, like William Branham and his angel taught, then Jesus isn't the spotless lamb of God - because he drank and even created wine.
    Mystery Babylon. In William Branham's mind, nothing could be more evil or satanic than the Catholic Church. Another benefit of having a huge evil enemy is that no-one notices when you commit the same sins on a smaller level. It also doesn't matter to the Message Believer that the Vatican is build on the 8th hill in Rome (within its walls, but on the other side of the River).