Minor Doctrines

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    Below are links to articles on a few minor (and sometimes "bizarre") doctrines taught by William Branham. Click on the description name for the full article.

    The Rock Where Moses Stood. William Branham apparently believed that God supernaturally moved the rock that Moses stood on in the desert of Sinai to the Arizona desert sometime in 1964. This is evidence of some of the bizarre beliefs that he held.
    The earth is square. In 1965 William Branham said that the world was square, because the Revelation 7:1 talks about the "four corners" of the world. we would have disregarded this as a "human error". However, Voice of God Recordings (VoG) teaches this to children as an "amazing and interesting fact" in the "Did you know?" blog on their website.
    Christians that were required to believe Satanic doctrine. In the prior six "church ages", a true Christian was required to believe a doctrine of the devil (the Trinity) to be saved. If they rejected the message that the messenger brought (which included the doctrine of the Trinity), they were lost. Why is it necessary to change now?
    Sex was not in God's original plan. William Branham taught that God's original plan did not intend children to be born by sex. But God created Adam and Eve with reproductive organs and said, “Be fruitful".
    Women were designed by Satan. William Branham stated that Satan was the designer of the woman. He believed that she was not in the original creation and was a perversion from the beginning. However, this is not what scripture teaches.
    Illegitimate children. William Branham did not believe that illegitimate children could go in the rapture, possibly up to the 10th generation. Based on William Branham's family tree, they may have a few generations to go before any of them are "allowed" to go in the rapture.
    Judas the Healer. William Branham taught that Judas Iscariot was given the gift of healing by Jesus Christ. So how do you know that William Branham the healer was Elijah, if healing is his biggest vindication?
    Nikita Khrushchev. William Branham taught that "Khrushchev" meant 'clay' in Russian and that Eisenhower in English meant 'iron'. He believed that the meeting of Nikita Khrushchev and Dwuight Eisenhower was the fulfillment of the prophecy contained in Daniel chapter 2. It wasn't.
    The Importance of a Right Spirit. William Branham stated that he would rather be wrong in his doctrine and right in his heart. However, this is not something that followers of William Branham's message really believe in a practical sense. If you don't believe the way that they do, you are generally classified as a "foolish virgin."
    Draw a bigger circle. On the surface, message believers talk about perfect love, the water rising and the ducks swimming together, draw the circle bigger. But when you look at their actions, they don't really believe any of these quotes of William Branham because they don't practice them. That's why its a minor doctrine - loving your neighbor isn't important in the Message if they aren't Believers themselves.