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    Independent research sources


    Have you heard the OFF THE SHELF podcast??
    When a follower of William Branham's message has a difficult question, particularly where William Branham and the Bible appear to be in disagreement, it is common to hear message ministers advise them to put it "on the shelf".

    Why are people continuing to leave the message in unprecedented number? Come listen to interviews with former message ministers such as Jeff Jenkins and James Rozak, as well as the authors of websites such as, as they tell their stories of why they could not continue to follow the message of William Branham. The Off The Shelf podcast is about taking important scriptural issues "off the shelf" and examining what it means to be a true follower of Jesus in the context of scripture and the message of William Branham.
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    • Legend of the Fall By Peter M. Duyzer, is a massive research study on the life and teaching of William M. Branham. The author's stated goal in writing this book was to answer the question, "To what extent is William Marrion Branham’s Legend of the Fall and his resultant teaching supported by Biblical Revelation?"
    • The Healer-Prophet William Branham by C. Douglas Weaver. This study of William Marrion Branham's ministry focuses on his ministry, the healing methodology of deliverance evangelists, and Branham's influence, both positive and negative, on today's televangelists and Pentecostalism.


    • A Logical Refutation of Branham's Message An ebook that is described by the author as "a book that provides an objective analysis of William Branham and the Message of the Hour based on known facts", this book is a must read for anyone wanting a better understanding of some of the key problems encountered when studying the message of William Branham. Nathan Rivera is a pseudonym, and the identity of the author is unknown. This book provides a detailed analysis of the problems with the Cloud and with William Branham's plagiarism of Clarence Larkin. The book also does a good job of describing the psychological problems that believers of the message have in coming to grips with logical discrepancies in the message (cognitive dissonance). A Logical Refutation of Branham's Message is available for free download at this link.
    • - A website which independently and objectively examines the ministry, prophecies, and the general credibility of William Branham and his message.
    • Morning Mercy is a site by James Rozak, a former minister, and is designed to help people spiritually and emotionally as they leave the Message.
    • Searching for Vindication Research which examines whether historical facts support William Branham's claims of a prophetic ministry. Their library of original research material is massive, and is a must read if details matter to you. One published historian made the following statement about this site: "This is certainly material that would need to be taken into consideration in any future treatment of William Branham." Some particular areas of interest on their website include:
    • The Berean Bible Institute - Why I Left The Tongues Movement - By Alfred H. Pohl
    • The Bitter Belly A personal blog on leaving the message from a woman's perspective.
    • William Branham Historical Research Is a website maintained by John Collins, grandson of Willard Collins who is the pastor of Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

    Discussion Forums

    Pro-Branham research material

    The following sites are operated by followers of the message of William Branham:

    • The William Branham Storehouse Collection[1]
    • Search transcriptions of William Branham's sermons[2]
    • Text of William Branham's sermons[3]

    Other information

    If you are looking for general spiritual resources that will encourage you in the faith, we have compiled a list of some resources that have helped us and which we hope will help you as well.