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In the days of his prominence, the 1950's, what Spirit-filled believer did not know [William Branham's] name?
Yet today, we may wonder, what believer does?

Robert Price in Douglas Weaver's The Healer-Prophet: William Marrion Branham
William Branham

William Marrion Branham's healing ministry skyrocketed him from a rural pastor to an international evangelist in the late 1940's. However, his visions and doctrine became increasingly controversial until his death in 1965.

Views on his legacy can be grouped into three main categories:

  1. Some believe him to be Elijah the Prophet in fulfillment of Malachi 4:5. There are many different sects within William Branham's followers, although they all refer to themselves as believers of the Message of the Hour. Some believe that William Branham's every word was infallible, while others will admit that he did make some minor errors but he was infallible with respect to his visions, prophecies and his interpretation of the Bible.
  2. Some view him as a great evangelist and gifted healer who strayed from Christian orthodoxy in the latter stages of his ministry.
  3. Some view him as a charlatan who was either willfully deceptive or had untreated mental health concerns.

The purpose of this website is to provide independent, objective, comprehensive information on William Branham. At one time this website was not objective in our approach and for that we humbly apologize to our readers. Click on the links below to go to our detailed articles on a variety of subjects related to his life and ministry, his claims, the beliefs of his followers, and the criticisms of his detractors.

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