William Branham and Television

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William Branham was an outspoken critic of television. However, based on his own testimony, he did rent a house in 1964-1965, just prior to his death, that had a television. So while he did not technically own a television, he did rent one (and so had it in his home).

Quotes of William Branham

I'm not prone to looking at television, because I'm against them uncensored programs. But 'last night, in the place where I was staying, I picked up a book after I got in real late, and looked on the little--reading the book there, and said, "television guide." And I happened to notice there, there was a place where they was going to show these atomic missiles, or something another from the Pentagon. So I went up to this radio, or television, and turned it on to watch this--this missile, see this atomic affair or--or saucers they call it, ever what it is. Been a lot of criticism, a lot pro and con. But now just watch just a minute. Every man... You've got a right to your opinion. I have to mine. Let me express mine.[1]

I'm not much on television. As you know, I'm really against it. And I'm really renting a place down in Tucson until we get our place fixed, where we'll have our home established there, the Lord willing. And the lady that rents the house, she's a fine Christian friend, but she had in the house a--a--a television. Well, I've got young children, and you know how they are, so they hurry to it. So, couple mornings ago, when I just come in from a trip with Brother Stromei... I don't know whether Brother Stromei is here this morning, or not, he is the president of the chapter at Tucson. My young daughter, which is sitting back over here, called me in to watch, said, "We're going to turn the television on, some singing quartets," or whatever it was.[2]

I want to say, to this panel that I watched on television last night, knowing it was going to be on, and I watched it. I want to comment these brethren, the ones that was on that panel, such a masterly piece of answering questions! And I'm a very much of a critic, you know, anyhow, but there wasn't nothing to criticize there. It was absolutely genuine, and I could agree with that, one hundred percent. [Congregation applauds--Ed.] Thank you. Amen. Them answers was right to the point. I certainly did appreciate that. I only wish I had a film to show in my church at home. It was really nice.[3]

And this scientist was speaking, being on an interview. We was watching on television. And he said, "Beneath that is just a churning lava." And he said this, he said, "That is a chunk will break loose," and said, "and it will."[4]

Pardon this expression. If anybody's feelings is hurt by this, I don't mean it. A couple of Sunday's ago I was invited, by my own daughter, to come in to a television set and to watch a religious singing. It's at Sunday morning. I wanted to hear Oral Roberts on his program, I told them to let me know. Said, "You hear this, this is a great hymn sing." My son standing there, told me about it, too. And I turned that set...

We rent from a woman that has the television in her house. I never intend to have one in my house. No, sir. I don't want that thing in my house. I would blow it out with my shotgun. I don't want nothing to do with that evil thing. No, sir![5]

Look, here the other day, they called me over in the room to watch... Billy Paul, I believe, or some of them, had said there was a--a religious program on the television.

We don't have television. There won't be one in my home, never. But there was a... You want them, that's up to you. But God told me not to do it.

And when we moved in there, I rented from this sweet old sister up there, she had a television 'cause they had to have it for her to rent her house. And I let them look at a religious program, so they--they called and said there was a Gospel singing on.

And you talk about a bunch of Rickies, up there act like they did, call themselves Gospel singers! It was a discredit to Jesus Christ, to see the way they was carrying, shaking themselves, and--and these Rickified hair cuts and everything, you know. Just, it just--it just looked--it just looked like it was a mockery![6]


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