William Branham Speaking as God

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    William Branham on one occasion appears to be merely acting as a mouthpiece for God. As God supposedly speaks through him, he makes a mistake and refers to himself in the first person rather than in the third person (spoken in los Angeles on April 10, 1959):

    Is He pulsating to you?
    I'm the Lord that raised up Christ from the grave.
    I'm the One that sent the Holy Ghost.
    I'm the One that give the promise.
    Brother Branham has nothing to do in this.
    I have--He's surrendered his life to Me.
    I'm using his Spirit;
    I'm talking through his lips.
    That's Me; I'm the Lord.
    Come down, everyone now while we sing, come right on down.
    I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
    Praise the Lamb for sinners slain; (Come right on. Come on, all.)
    Give Him glory all ye people...[1]

    Was this really God or simply William Branham wanting people to think that God was speaking through him?