William Branham, The Game Warden

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Trying to put out the light?

William Branham told a story about little birds killing themselves flying into a light house in a storm trying to put the light out, he meant it as the light being his message but we have since realized he and his following are the little birds!!!

The interesting thing about William Branham's assertion that he had been a "Game Warden", or as he said in one place THE Indiana State Game Warden. He speaks with such authority about animals, birds, and all things nature.

But in reality, he seemed to have no real understanding of nature.

It is true that birds do fly into lights, hundreds are killed worldwide every night in our big cities. That is why there is a push on for big buildings to turn out the lights at night. Cleaning crews come before day light and remove their bodies from the streets and sidewalks. HOWEVER, they did not die because they wanted to beat out the light. They died because they got pulled off-track and flew into a building.

Deer are invulnerable if drink water

He said things like:

  • If you shoot a deer, if it gets to water, it won't die.

Quotes of William Branham

I was a Indiana State game warden three years ago.[1]

Here not long ago, I climbed up to the Statue of Liberty, up to where that big arm is and went out there, and there's a bunch of little dead sparrows. Infidels may rise and come, skeptics may rise. I go down here to your museum, and they throwed me out nearly the other day. When I walked in there...

Looking at those little old sparrow laying there, I said to the guard that was with me; I said, "What's the matter with them little birds?"

He said, "They died last night." Said, "There's a storm come up, and they was flying right in the storm." And said, "They come into the light; instead of using the light from the Statue of Liberty," said, "go to peace, they come and tried black the light out, and they beat against it with their little heads until they beat their brains out." And they're laying there dead, because they refused to follow the light, but tried to beat it out."

I said, "O God, what a example it is. And men and women, raising up today, and people who try to deny God's Bible, and Jesus to be the virgin born Son of God; they're just beating their brains out instead of taking the light, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, advancing on to victory and power and overcoming. Only to... They're only beating their heads out. God's church will remain forever. "Upon this Rock, I'll build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."[2]

Oh, to that great day, that day of day and that Book of Books. And the Books were opened, and every man was judged according to the Word that was written in the Book. My poor deluded friend, not all... Yes, my friend, and you who have tried in vain and have fought the air just like a bird, I noticed trying to beat his head against the window to put the light out. What did he do? He--he only beat his own brains out; the light shined on.

One day up there in the Statue of Liberty, up in the great arm, the little birds was laying dead all around. I said, "What happened?" The man said, "They... There was a storm last night. And in the storm these little birds flew in the light. Instead of using the light to go to safety, they tried to beat the light out with their little wings, and they beat their brains out."

Don't try to beat your brains out to make God's Word say something It doesn't. Don't... Try not to cope with societies of this day, because, "If you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God isn't in you." Why not just take the Gospel Light and fly to safety tonight? Oh, protect us, God.[3]

Some time ago, standing in the Statue of Liberty, a little bunch of sparrows a laying dead. I said, "What's the matter?" Said, "There's a storm last night, and that big light was beaming out, and those little birds was lost. If they'd just knowed to took that light, they could went on to safety. But said... What was they trying to do? They run up here and tried to beat the light out. Said, "What did they do? They beat their brains out trying to put out the light--the light that could help them."

You cold, formal Pentecostals; you cold, formal Methodists; you cold, formal Baptists; you unbeliever, that's trying to beat Christ out of the nation, trying to put education and science in the stead of the Holy Ghost; you'll beat your brains out and the light will still beam on and on and on and on. He will have a Church that's filled with the Holy Ghost that He will come for her, and He will live and reign in it. You'll never beat it out. You're just beating your brains out, studying all kinds of man-made books and dogmas. Take God's Word and read It and say It's the truth and accept It. Sure.[4]

Now, here some time ago, before they condemned the Statue of Liberty, a present from France to the United States... Now, it's condemned, I understand, that you can't go up in it. I had the privilege of going in it one time. And I went up into the arm of the--of the statue. And then, out there we walked out in a little place, the guide and I, and there was a--a window. And I was looking out across and thinking about my cousin when he came home from the army, out there all beat up and shot.

"But when the ship was coming in towards the shore," he said, "Billy, they--they--they rolled the wheelchairs and the--and the stretcher cases up on top, when we could see way in the distance," in the first World War. That was before the big buildings had come into New York so big yet, and they could see that Statue of Liberty rising up out of the water. He said they begin to play "My country 'tis of Thee, sweet land of liberty." Old veterans, cut and bruised, shot, crippled, when they seen that statue rise up in the water like that, said they just fell down and started screaming. Why? Right behind that, mother waited, sweetheart waited, wife waited, babies waited.

I thought, "If it'd make a soldier feel like that, what won't it be when we see the old rugged cross hanging yonder? A veteran pulling in from the cuts and bruises of the battlefield..." Oh, I want to stand on the deck of the old ship of Zion and raise my hands and say, "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound," or, "Oh, how I love Jesus."

I was looking out through that window and thinking of that, and I noticed laying down here along the side was a bunch of little dead sparrows. And they looked like they'd just been killed. And I said to the guide; I said. "Those sparrows, did you poison them?"

He said, "No, no. We didn't poison them." I said, "Well, why are they laying dead just around this window here?"

He said, "They beat their brains out on the window." And I said, "How did that come?"

He said, "Night before last there was a storm." And said, "When the storm was a-blowing, and the winds a-twisting, and the trees a-shaking, and the lightning a-flashing," he said, "those little birds trying to find shelter," said, "they got in the light of this beacon." And said, "Then... And if they would just have used the light to find safety, they'd have been safe. But what they tried to do was fly up and beat the light out. And it only blinded them, and they beat their little brains out, and laying dead."

I never said nothing right then, but I thought, "How true it is. Unbelievers, instead of trying to take the beacon light (God's Word is a Light), trying to take that beacon and go to safety with it to Christ, they beat their brains out, die in sin and disgrace trying to beat the light out, when it'd be totally impossible. There can't be enough infidels rise, enough devils come out of hell to ever beat that Light of the world out."

"I am the light of the world." They'll never beat it out. So there's only one thing to do. When it shines on your pathway, follow it. "The Name of the Lord is a mighty tower. The righteous run into it and are safe. If ye abide in Me (in the tower), My words abide in you, then you can ask what you will, it'll be done for you."[5]

I was seven years a game warden myself, as you know.[6]


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