The Story of the Pyramid Box

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    William Branham tells the following story:

    I want to thank the sister that brought the little triune box with a Bible in it for my wife that's here. She had made a covenant to the Lord about this little box. She had cherished it. It's got some… like pictures of old times on it. And she asked the Lord… She had cherished the box a little too much, perhaps. Just an ordinary little box in the shape of a pyramid. And she brought it with a Bible to my wife. Thank you, sister. Every one of your little gifts and things that you give Billy Paul and those, they get to me. I'm grateful for everything. God be with you.[1]

    The above "story" is just that... a story... fiction... a tall tale.

    The Truth

    The editors of BelieveThesign were recently contacted by a woman who told this story:

    The person who gave this box was my mother.
    True story, she always felt sorry for Sis Branham, and when she found this cute little pyramid shaped box, at a rummage sale, she placed a small Bible in it and decided it would be the perfect gift for Meda Branham.
    The entire story that William Branham told was a fabrication, except that it was a gift for his wife!!
    My mother always wondered why he told it and rationalized it by saying that God must have seen something in her heart that she did not even know was there!
    In fact, the box never made it to Meda, the last time I was in William Branham's office (next to the pulpit in the Branham Tabernacle), it was sitting on a top shelf, as it has for years.
    I guess William Branham cherished it a little too much!!
    From: A former message believer


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