The Mystery of the Empty Cornerstone

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    William Branham told a story of a vision he received on the day that first church was dedicated. He tells how he wrote the prophecy down on the fly leaf of his Bible in 1933 and placed it in the cornerstone of Branham Tabernacle.

    But did you know that the cornerstone was "exhumed" and the contents revealed to everyone?

    Listen to an eyewitness recount exactly what she saw and heard - Sylvia Perkins testimony

    What was in the cornerstone??

    Sometime in the late 1970's, someone ran a car into the front corner of the Branham Tabernacle, right where the cornerstone was. As a result of the structural damage, the original cornerstone had to be replaced.

    We talked to a person that was present when the original cornerstone was removed. Everyone was excited as they were all going to see first hand William Branham's prophecy on the flyleaf of his Bible that was placed there when the cornerstone was originally laid.

    It was removed and taken apart with great care. People were in great expectation. Virtually the entire congregation of Branham Tabernacle was there to witness the event.

    And when they opened the cornerstone, what did they find?

    Nothing! There as no Bible with the prophecy written on the flyleaf. There was no book of prophecies. There was not even a piece of paper with William Branham's handwriting. What had happened?

    Could it be that William Branham had not been honest about what had been placed in the cornerstone? Could it be that this was simply another lie?

    Of course, none of his followers could believe that William Branham, their prophet, would have been dishonest about something so important. So conspiracy theories abounded, with most finally believing that God had taken it into another dimension, similar to what happened to Joseph Smith's golden tablets.

    Was this yet another falsehood of William Branham?

    Quotes of William Branham

    And now to finish telling you this vision. I seen it open up before me. And a Man came to me; He had some sheets of paper. And He took those sheets; He said, "Insomuch that you was thinking of what would be your future," and He threw them like that, and they went plumb up in the heavens. I've got it wrote out here in the Bible. Just like laying yonder in the cornerstone, that what would take place in the last days; and everyone knows what that was; it's been just exactly the Word. It will be just this way.[1]

    And then the vision returned to my mind the day that I laid the cornerstone. On return home, I was quoting it to my wife. How many remembers the vision of the morning of the cornerstone? It's laying right there in the cornerstone now, twenty-three years ago I think. And it was... I was just across the street here, just waking up one morning about seven o'clock in the June when the cornerstone was laid, I believe, or July.

    And on the morning, looking out towards the rising of the eastern sun, I was praising the Lord because the tabernacle would then be--have its cornerstone laid. Mr. Markham and them had been here, and many of them that's digging the foundation and so forth. And I was to lay the cornerstone; we have the pictures and so forth of it. And each one was to place in this cornerstone a certain little token. And even Catholics come by and dropped their little beads and so forth, whatever they had into the cornerstone.[2]

    It well brings to my memory what's wrote there in that cornerstone on that morning when we dedicated--or laid the cornerstone. When the Lord woke me up, not knowing what visions was in those days. I'm looking at the chimney on top of the house, five feet or more from where I was sitting when the vision taken place twenty three years ago in 1933. Be about twenty four years ago, I suppose. I'm looking at the chimney right now.[3]

    And when the Tabernacle was built, it always seemingly... The morning that I dedicated the Tabernacle, a vision came, which is written and in the cornerstone there, when the Holy Spirit said to me, "This is not your Tabernacle." See? And I asked where my Tabernacle was, and He set me down under the bright blue skies. And then He said, "Do the work of an evangelist," and so forth, as you know. It's written even in the books.[4]

    Just think, about--around thirty years ago when I laid the cornerstone that morning, I was standing over there on Seventh Street, one block away. I wasn't even married yet, just a young man. And I seen a vision of the people packed and jammed in here from everywhere. And I was so happy, standing behind the pulpit. And that's when He told me, "But this is not your tabernacle." And He set me down under the skies. And you know the rest of the story which is wrote on the leaf of the Bible laying in the cornerstone there.[5]

    When I built this tabernacle, the day I laid the cornerstone out there, I remember that vision that morning: got it wrote right there in the cornerstone; said, "This is not your tabernacle." Said, "Do the work of an evangelist; make full proof of your ministry." I love it; I love God's children everywhere. I don't know where He's going to lead me. I don't know; I'm waiting. I been waiting for a year. I may wait for two years; I may wait for three; I don't know. I don't know the next move. I'm waiting for it. But I think according to the Scripture, the Word's been sowed. The next thing is the coming forth of the Spirit.[6]

    When I returned to the field... You remember the other night of the message that He give me back yonder when I was laying the cornerstone, just exactly, said, "Do the work..." Said, "When you come out of this vision, read II Timothy 4." You know it's laying right there in the cornerstone--thirty-three years ago. [7]

    Now, in the dedicational service of the original cornerstone being laid, a great vision came, and it's wrote in the cornerstone the morning I dedicated it.[8]

    I remember how was praying, and right here in this weeds, right here where this pulpit stands now, just about where it's at, that's where I drove a little stake where I knowed to put the pulpit. The Lord God give me this place. Yes, sir. Now, right there in the cornerstone lays my testimony of a vision the morning I laid it, when I hardly could think then, said, "This is not your tabernacle, but do the work of an evangelist," He said. I looked out and I seen all the world there, and the bright blue skies, and people coming from everywhere; it's laying in the cornerstone there. How little did I think that would happen, even though the vision said so; but doesn't fail, it's going to be there anyhow.[9]

    God, we're living in that day. You've let me live long enough to see that happen. As, that lays right here in the cornerstone of this tabernacle today, of thirty-three years ago.[10]


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