The Marilyn Monroe Vision

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    Marilyn Monroe

    William Branham claimed he had a vision about a week before Marilyn Monroe died, that she would have a fatal heart attack that others would wrongly label as a suicide.

    Facts on Monroe's death

    Marilyn Monroe died August 5, 1962:

    • An empty bottle of sleeping pills was found by her bed.
    • There has been some speculation over the years that she may have been murdered, but the cause of her death was officially ruled as a drug overdose.
    • Peter Lawford telephoned Monroe between 7:30–7:45 p.m. to invite her to dinner at his house. According to Lawford, Monroe's speech was slurred and was becoming increasingly indecipherable. This is the last known conversation with Monroe while she was alive.
    • Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe's psychiatrist, was eventually contacted and, seeing her lying on the bed holding the telephone and apparently dead, he broke the glass to open the locked door. This occurred sometime between 12 midnight and 1 a.m. on August 6, 1962.
      Marilyn Monroe Certificate of Death
    • The autopsy was performed by Dr. Thomas Noguchi.
    • The toxicology report shows high levels of Nembutal (38–66 capsules) and chloral hydrate (14–23 tablets) in Monroe's blood. The level found was enough to kill more than 10 people
    • The cause of death was listed as "acute barbiturate poisoning, ingestion of overdose, probable suicide".

    Problems with the vision

    • William Branham stated that he saw the vision before Marilyn Monroe died but there is no public evidence that this happened beforehand. He first mentions the vision on October 12, 1962, months after Monroe's death.
    • William Branham stated that she died at 4 p.m., while Peter Lawson had a conversation with her at 7:30 that day. It is estimated that she actually died sometime between 7:45 p.m. and 1 a.m. (most likely around 8 p.m.). Why would the vision be wrong about the time of death?
    • Why did his vision state that the cause of death was a heart attack when it was clearly caused by an overdose of barbiturates?



    I was in the mountains a few weeks ago. And way back when I was coming home, we went back (the family and I) to rest a little, where we're going again, the Lord willing, next week. And then, back there one night, I saw a vision. And it was a--a lovely, pretty woman, looked young woman running; she had her hand here, and she was perishing with a heart attack, a beautiful woman. And she dropped and was gone. And the Angel of the Lord said, "Now, when you hear of this, remember, they're going to say that she committed suicide, but she died in a heart attack. And it's almost 4:00, so you just say 4 o'clock," and then He left me.
    And I didn't wake the family up in the little cow camp (or where the cowboys stay, where we'd go back there to round up the cattle), I--I just let them sleep until morning. And then, the next day I mentioned it, and I said, "Some young woman, very attractive, is going to die in a heart attack." And on the road out two days later, there it come in on the radio that this Miss (I can't think of her name.) Monroe, Mrs. Monroe. I think that was her stage name, or whatever it was; her name was something else. And she had died, and they said she committed suicide.
    Now, it don't make any difference how much I'd say it; they're still going to say she committed suicide. But the child did not; she died in a heart attack. And if you'd watch, she had her hand, trying to get to the phone--the phone in her hand. She'd had a heart attack. They said sleeping pills was there; she'd been taking them for a month (See?) or more, out of that bottle. She died in a heart attack, and she died about four or five seconds before 4 o'clock, exactly.
    And I read of her life's story in the magazine of how that her... She was a illegitimate child; and how that she'd washed so many dishes; and her mother in a insane institution; and she had longed (But she was the most perfect bodied woman, I guess, in the world.)--but she'd longed for something that money wouldn't buy. I thought, "Oh, I wished I could've got to her. I know what she needed." There you are.
    ...Oh, if we could've only got to the young lady before she left the world.


    Setting up in Colorado a few months ago in a--a little cabin, I went and said to my son, my wife, my daughter-in-law, and them: "Last couple of hours something happened. I saw a young lady, a beautiful woman, and she had kind of thick lips, looked like I'd saw her somewhere. And she's--she was trying to get to a doctor, and she died."
    And the Spirit that was speaking to me, said, "Now, they will say that she committed suicide, but she died with a heart attack." And said, "It's just a little before four, but you can say it was four o'clock," and the vision left me. I told them, "What did that mean?" I didn't know. "Somebody's fixing to die."
    When we come out of the mountains two days later, that movie star (What's that woman's name?), Marilyn Monroe, she was kind of a striptease or... Or you read her story. She was an illegitimate child. Her mother's in the insane institution. Poor little girl probably had a hard way. And she always hungered for something. I wish I could've got to her. I know what she needed. I knew what she needed. Yet she'd joined churches and everything. But see, it was just a ritualistic form. She needed the application of the Blood. See?


    When I seen that girl that I... other night in the vision, young pretty girl, Hollywood actress, and I seen her dying, reaching, trying to get to help. She died in a heart attack, Miss Monroe. And then that's been two years ago, and I seen her dying. And two days later she did die.


    Here not long ago I saw the vision of this young woman dying, that they said that committed suicide. It's been about a year ago. I forget... She was some kind of a girl that was a very popular woman. And I was up in the mountains. I saw her die. And they told me, said... He told me, said, "Now, she... You can say it's four o'clock. It's just a few seconds before four." And said, "They'll say she committed suicide, but she died with a heart attack." What is that woman's name? She just... A young blond-headed woman, Marilyn Monroe. That was it. She, she died, and--and she did not commit suicide.


    And then I remember this Marilyn Monroe, the girl that I saw die about a week before she died, and how that they said she committed suicide, when she didn't. I told them about it, before, what would happen, and it did.


    When I seen this woman not long ago, in a vision the Lord showed me, see her die. That, I can't never think of that woman's name, she, Marilyn Monroe. And I had never seen her. I don't go to movies. But I--I--I had seen the girl, and she was attractive. And she was trying to get to something; she was dying, had a heart attack. And the Lord said, "Now you say that, 'She died just at four o'clock. She did not commit suicide.'" Said, "But you can say she died at four o'clock, 'cause it's just a few seconds before four." And there I seen where they found her. And I told Billy, I told the family, the ones that was with me, about it. And a few days afterwards, it was Marilyn Monroe that died.


    Like Marilyn Monroe, way before she was died. They said that she committed suicide. She did not do it. She died with a heart attack. Absolutely.


    About this Marilyn Monroe when she died, they'll never believe but what that girl committed suicide. But she did not commit suicide. She died in a heart attack. I seen it, days before it happened, and told them about it. But they wouldn't listen to me.