Searching for Vindication

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    Searching for Vindication is a website that has uncovered a significant amount of historical information with regards to William Branham's life. This site also shares much of this historical information in a usable format, so you verify your own research with downloadable historical documents.

    If you are interested in researching William Branham's life, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort by reading their website.

    Started as an effort to disprove our video on the Municipal Bridge

    The Searching for Vindication website was created by a couple who were intent on disproving our conclusions about William Branham's Municipal Bridge vision. They spent over 400 hours of research in an effort to prove that our conclusions were wrong. But they only succeeded in proving that our conclusions were, in fact, correct.

    They ended up leaving the Message because of what they found, and also discovered a host of other significant issues with respect William Branham's "vindication".

    Some particular areas of interest on their website include:

    One published historian made the following statement about this site: "This is certainly material that would need to be taken into consideration in any future treatment of William Branham."