Santa Rosa prophecy about William Branham

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    Santa Rosa prophecy according to Gordon Lindsay

    Page 98 of the book "A Man Sent From God", written by Gordon Lindsay, includes the following testimony of a prophecy about William Branham:

    On one occasion while in Santa Rosa, California, a man came into the building, and seeking out Brother Branham asked him to spell his name. When he had done this the man held a piece of yellow paper in his hand and said, "That's it, mother."
    He said that he had come from a Pentecostal Church, and he claimed that 22 years ago, while he and his wife were praying, the Holy Ghost spoke through him saying, "My servant, William Branham, will come up this West coast bearing a gift of divine healing in the latter times."
    They believed that it was a prophecy that had been given. And when they had heard Brother Branham's name they dug out that old prophecy and there it was written.

    It should be noted that Gordon Lindsay obtained all of his information for his book directly from William Branham.

    William Branham retells it in 1951

    It should be noted that William Branham

    ...up here at Santa Rosa not long ago...they was trying to put a man out of the prayer line. And he kept saying, "I'm not wanting in the prayer line; I'm wanting to see this minister."

    And I said, "Let him alone," down like this. "What do you want, sir?"

    And he said, "How do you spell your name?"

    And I said, "B-R-A-N-H-A-M."

    He said, "Mother, that's it. That's it." And a lady came forth.

    They had an old paper, turned yellow. They were evangelists, belonging to the Assemblies of God. And twenty-two years, that would be about... That's four years ago, it'd be about twenty-six years now. Twenty-two years before that, one said they had a gift of speaking in tongues, the other one had the gift of interpretation. And when they were... Said they were down praying, twenty-two years before that, and the interpretation come. And this was one of their messages they had laying back, said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, in the last days before the coming of the Lord, I'll send My servant, William Branham, up the West Coast with..." And there it was wrote on old paper.

    And then one night, I was coming out of Seattle, and there was a man standing over there. And he had a book under his arm. He kept telling me, "Brother Branham, you're in the wrong church."

    And I didn't know what he was talking of. And he put the book under my arm. It was called the Mormon Word Of God. I don't know what it was. It's a--it's one of their prophets of The Latter Day Saint, some bunch of them, that they claims they see the neophytes. And--and back there a hundred and... long long... how long ago it was, it... on a certain page there... I have the book in my library. It prophesied, their prophet, and said, that, "In the last days that Germany would have a--a ism called Nazis." And it went ahead and said, "In that day, let W-i double l-i-a-m, William Branham be called and set aside in humility for the service that I have called him to." That's right. Wrote years...

    (From the sermon "Believe ye that I can do this?" spoken May 9, 1951 at the Calvary Temple in Los Angeles)

    William Branham retells it in 1961

    And after dinner, they went up in the attic and got some old--garret up there--and got this suitcase out, or the old something that they carried their prophecies in--an old yellow piece of paper. And one of them had spoke in tongues, and the other one had prophesied and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, It shall come to pass; just before the end time that My servant William Branham will come up the west coast praying for the sick." And said spelled "W-i double l-i-a-m B-r-a-n-h-a-m." And there it was, old yellow paper of twenty-five years before that. And I'd have been about seven or eight years old. It'd have been about 1915, somewhere along there (See?), that they--that it happened.[1]


    1. Gordon Lindsay's version does not include the words "Thus Saith The Lord".
    2. Gordon Lindsay's version identifies William Branham as being a servant with a gift of healing. It does not call him a prophet.
    3. William Branham's version includes the words "before the coming of the Lord".
    4. William Branham's version is incomplete.
    5. William Branham's 1961 version mixes together the mormon prophecy with the Santa Rosa prophecy
    6. There is no corroborating evidence for this story.
    7. William Branham was well known for making up stories, was this simply another example?