Racial Violence in America

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    Wounds of a slave. USA, 1863.

    William Branham said that the protests led by Martin Luther King, Jr. against segregation would cause the death of millions. But it didn't.

    William Branham's first Pastor, Rev. Roy E. Davis, was heavily involved with the K.K.K. Perhaps this is what formed William Branham's opinion.

    William Branham qualified his comments by later saying that they did not constitute a prophecy. However, his comments certainly appear to be racist. Read the quotes below and make up your own mind. What would happen if the current president of the United States made similar comments?

    Quotes of William Branham

    Long time ago... I was just looking around over the audience to see if I could see one of the people, and that's some of our colored friends, the Negro. You know, a long time ago, down here in the south, they used to make slaves out of them. Now, I'm a southerner. And there's one thing I'd like to say about them; I wish I could talk to Martin Luther King. That man, being a Christian, don't know he's leading his people right into a death trap, where there's going to be millions of them killed. See? He's wrong. I love my brethren, my colored brethren. I wouldn't be in Africa and around preaching to them, if I didn't love them. They're God's people, the same as we are. But I don't believe that that man under this, is only going to cause many, many, many more of them to be killed. Then it'll start a revolutionary again, that'll never wade out of the people down here. So they're not slaves. They have as much freedom as anybody else. They... If they were slaves, I'd be on that side. But they're not slaves. It's just because they want to go to school. They got schools. Let them go to school. That's right.[1]

    One thing, I pray that Brother Martin Luther King will certainly soon wake up. He loves his people; there's no doubt. But if he only--see where his inspiration... What good would it do if you went to school and a million of you laying yonder dead? Would it just be going to school just the same? Now, if for hunger, if it was for something another, slaves, the man would be a martyr to give his life for such a cause, a worthy cause; and that would be a worthy cause. But just to go to school, I--I don't see it. I don't think the Holy Spirit's agreeing with him at all on that. It's got the people all worked up in a bunch of ballyhoo. You see? Just--just like Hitler did over in Germany, led them right into a death trap, them precious Germans; and they laid by the billions, or millions, piled up there on top of one another. That's exactly the same thing, and remember I'm on tape; you'll see it after--maybe after I'm gone. That's exactly what's going to happen. Them precious people will die down there like flies. Starts a revolutionary, both white and colored will fight again and die like flies. And what you got when it's all over? A bunch of dead people.[2]

    As I said about that minister last Sunday, was Martin Luther King down there with them precious people, leading right into a death trap. Oh, if somebody could only talk to that man. Wished I could. Just for an--a little uprising of the school proposition (See?), or some... What difference. My goodness, if the people ain't got heart enough to associate with a man because of his color, they're condemned and dead anyhow. The nation gives them right... Don't fight against it. Don't... What if somebody said all the Irish, or somebody, all the German, or somebody else had to disassociate. That would never bother Christians; they'd move right on. And that man's a Christian. As--as a minister he shouldn't lead them people into a revolt against that. And they're going to cause millions to die. It'll start another revolutionary. It's a shame to do that. The same thing happens right here. Exactly the same thing again. That's right. See? The people, how that they'd only look at Truth and see what Truth is... "Our church don't believe that. We got some other way." Well, it ain't the right way. It ain't the thing. He said, "Repent, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins." Now, they won't do it. Oh, then what did they do? Now, that's just one thing upon hundreds we'll get to, maybe, as fast as we can. Now, the second crucifixion then... If a man accepts "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit," a--a creed in the stead of the Word, titles instead of the Name, what does he do to the people? He crucifies the effects of the Word to the people.[3]

    Did you prophesy that there'd be a—a million Negroes killed on the… or did you just announce that there would be this happening?

    Now, see, I've always asked you to be careful what you're listening to. See? There's so much of it that it's just the human side. But always if there is something that goes forth, it will speak it, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD," even to visions or anything. The visions on the platform, in the audience, you are doing that yourself; it isn't God, it's you. See? God doesn't produce that vision, you do it yourself, by your faith in a Divine gift. 8 Like the woman touched His garment, He didn't know who she was or what was wrong with her, but she did that herself. See? Now, that wasn't THUS SAITH THE LORD. It was THUS SAITH THE LORD when Jesus spoke back and told her that her faith had saved her. But, see, you have to watch.

    No, I just was talking about Martin Luther King, on this great disaster that they're having in the South, with the—the colored people. I said, "If those people were slaves, I'd take my church and go south to help them people out of slavery." I sure would, because man makes slaves, not God. We're all of one blood. We all come from one tree, and that was from Adam. God, by one blood, has made all nations. And whether we, our colors are brown, or black, or yellow, or red, or whatever it might be, we are all creatures of the Almighty, see, and there shouldn't be any differences in us. The question down there is "segregation of school." Now, I was there at the first uprise, and I heard it, and I—I know from what I speak of. The colored people has fine schools, sometimes much better than the other schools. And, for instance, in Shreveport they got finer schools than the white school is. But it's the idea of somebody inspiring them that they should go and mix themselves together. Which, I think that it'd be all right, but as long as the people are protesting it, those southern people, then what difference does it make anyhow? And I think that Martin Luther King is Communistic inspired, which is going to lead about a million people to a absolutely a death trap. See? I don't say the Lord told me that. "I" believe, see. And I believe it shouldn't be done. I think that people ought to be Christians and recognize one another as brothers. And, but I think just because…

    This United States, this government now tells me that I can't even sign a check that—that's be… give to me personally. See? That's constitutional rights taken from me, but what can I do about it? Just go ahead, that's all. See? And it has to go through another system before I as a citizen of the United States can cash a check, has to come through this church, I can't cash it. See? And that's not right. That's unconstitutional. But what—what can I do about it? There's nothing. This tax collector down here is the one told me I couldn't do it, so, well, there it is. If it is, what of it. So just let it go. I think it ought to be the same thing, that the… that my colored brothers and sisters in the South oughtn't to rise up to arms against their brethren and things like over such a little thing as that. My, what difference does it make if you go to school where or what? I seen a fine colored lady that morning when they was… they had the revolt there at Shreveport, and it was an old colored minister kept telling the militia, he said, "Let me speak to them." And so he was a godly old man, and he stood up there and he said, "I've never been ashamed of my color." He said, "My Maker made me what I am, and I've never been ashamed of it, but, until this morning." But said, "When I see you, my people, acting like this," said, "then I'm ashamed of being a colored man." There was the militia called, hollered him down.

    So some fine, educated, fine-looking colored lady stood up, with an intelligence, my, supreme. She said, "The first thing, I don't want my children taught by a white woman." Said, "Why?" Said, "Because that she won't take the interest of my children that my… a colored teacher would." And said, "Look at our schools over here. What are you hollering about?" Said, "We got swimming pools and everything in our schools, and they haven't got it over there." Said, "Now, what are you people hollering about?" And they hollered her down, see.

    It's inspired of the wrong thing, you see, see, they, them people. And that's the reason I say that, not that there is any—any prophecy concerning it. I have nothing on it from the Lord. And be you sure now, if I say anything from the Lord like that, to tell you, it's always… I'm speaking now. But when He speaks, I say "It's not me, it's THUS SAITH THE LORD." And I can't say it until He tells me. I could be altogether wrong in my thought about Martin Luther King. I don't know, I can't say. That's just my opinion. Anything that rises up trouble, that's what's supposed to be in the last days. And it's all inspired of Satan, to break up our commonwealth and whatever we have, anything that rises up like that. So I'm for those people down there, don't you never think that I'm not. I—I'm for freedom and for everything, but the people doesn't have that situation under now. But what it will do, I believe it'll start another revolution if somebody doesn't stop it. See, it's the Communists working among those people.

    I was in Africa when they done the same thing. See? And I know there was Communists come in there telling those colored people, "Oh, you're this, that, or the other. You're this, that, or the other." And the first thing you know, it caused thousands of them to be killed. And where did they get? Nowhere, see, nowhere. And I—I love human life. Let's serve the Lord. Our Kingdom is Above; nothing about this thing here. As long as we eat, drink, and can have, what else do you want? See? So I know what it would be. I—I realize that it just cause trouble.[4]


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