Does the message of William Branham move you?

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Where does the message of William Branham move you?

  • Moving from Jesus Christ to Elijah,
  • Moving from the Son of man to a son of man.
  • Moving from Pentecost to ancient Israel where the Word of the LORD came ONLY to the prophet.
  • Moving from the kingdom of God to the physical nation of Israel where the kingdom of God was not preached.
  • Moving from being led of the Holy Spirit to being led of "angels".
  • Moving from the gifts of the Holy spirit to gifts by angels".
  • Moving from the gift of discernment to a familiar spirit.
  • Moving from " repent ye therefore and you shall relieve the Holy Spirit" to "seeing visions in the womb and as a one year old". *Moving from the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to three mystical words unknown by anyone in this world.
  • Moving from the spiritual temple of God to the pyramids of Gaza.
  • Moving from the cornerstone of the Bible to the capstone of William Branham.
  • Moving from baptizing in the name of Jesus Christ in total defiance to Jesus Christ's direct commandment on baptism, rejecting it as titles while substituting Father, Son and Holy Spirit with three mystical words unknown to any man on earth.
  • Moving from the spiritual to occultism.
  • Moving from edification the Holy Spirit gifts to edification by pagan astrologers and spiritualists.
  • Moving from faith in the Son of God to denying the Son of God.
  • Moving from the bible to the "spoken words" of a man, calling those spoken words " the voice of God".
  • Moving from the spiritual to the physical.
  • Moving from the unseen to the seen.
  • Moving from the eternal to the temporal.
  • Moving from the gospel of Christ to the message of a man.
  • Moving from righteousness by faith to righteousness by natural birth.
  • Moving from the new-birth in Christ to Abel's birth in Eden.
  • Moving from the cross to the pillar of fire,
  • Moving from the tongues of fire to the halo. Moving from the fruit to the cloud.
  • Moving from the signs confirming the gospel to the signs "vindicating the man.
  • Moving from faith in the only way to "kind works as an alternative,
  • Moving from the savior to saving self.
  • Moving from the fulness of God in the Church to the fulness of God in one man, even when dead.
  • Moving from a fatal motor accident to a second Calvary. From a death like any other to a death for mankind..

Believing the deception hook, line and sinker:

  • Moving from Jesus the Christ to " christ Branham ".
  • Moving from heavenly places to Satan's hell.

Quit the CULT and get into Christ. The only move that counts.