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Bud Southwick was a hunting guide in Northern British Columbia who was introduced to William Branham through a mutual friend, Ed Byskal.

The Vision of the Caribou and Grizzly Bear

Early one morning, William Branham said that he saw a vision of him shooting a deer-like animal with 42 inch antlers, and then a silver-tip grizzly. In the vision, there was a wall of shale he had to go around, a man with a green checkered shirt, and young hands holding a tape-measure to the horns.

Blaine Southwick, who was 18 at the time, ended up holding the tape measure at the bottom of the caribou horns. Bud Southwick unrolled the tape measure, and as the tape touched the end of the horn, said "its 42 inches."

As part of the vision, William Branham also shot a silver-tip Grizzly bear. They soon spotted a silver-tip two miles away, and before dark William Branham shot the bear.

These prophecies were not recorded on the tapes prior to the event, and cannot be independently verified.

Bud Southwick Ed Byskal William Branham
That's when it hit me is when I measured them horns, and it was exactly what he said. So, everything seemed to come back to me then, and when I pulled the tape up there to that exact 42 inches, just like he said, well I jerked my hand out from that thing like it was hot! Well, I was quite amazed because I had never seen a hunter carry a measuring tape before. So as he was pulling the tape up, the measurement, the tape slipped out at the bottom. So he started again, and it slipped out again. ...So Bud said to Blaine, "Blaine, hold that tape in there." So Blaine, here he is 18 years old...holding the tape in place: 18 year old hands. And...Bud said "its 42 inches". And when I got down there, there stood Eddie with his green checkered shirt on. I seen that little hand go around those horns, and when [Bud] went over and got the tape measure, laid it down on here, and held, that little boy put his hands. I said, "Look, Eddie, them little hands on the horn." And when he pulled the tape measure up like this, he looked at me and turned real white in the mouth; he said, "Brother Branham, look here, just snug, forty-two inches, exactly."[1]

The Healing of Bud's Brother

Bud Southwick's brother was a young man with a small family who had frequent violent epileptic seizures. Bud mentioned this to William Branham, and said "Oh, if I could only get my brother to you."

While riding his horse through the bush, William Branham suddenly rode up to Bud and said, "Bud, will you take my word?"

Bud replied, "With anything you say."

William Branham replied, "I have a THUS SAITH THE LORD for you. Go get your brother from Fort Saint John, bring him up on the highway here. The first time he falls into an epileptic fit, jerk his shirt off of his back. I'll give you something to do. Throw it in the fire and say, 'This I do in the Name of Jesus Christ.'"

Bud went and told his sister-in-law what Brother Branham said, and the next time he fell into an epileptic fit, his wife jerked his shirt off, threw it into the fire, and said "This I do in the Name of Jesus Christ." Bud's brother was instantly and completely delivered from epilepsy.

However, years later, when Bud's brother was much older, a few friends convinced him to join them for a drink. While he was taking his first drink of alcohol, the demon of epilepsy returned, and plagued him for the rest of his life.

Bud Stops Smoking

Bud Southwick was a relatively new Christian when he met William Branham. One evening, while they were getting into separate tents, William Branham said "Bud, did you ever smoke?

Bud replied, "Yup."

William Branham probed a little further, "When did you quit smoking, Bud?"

Bud replied, "Right now."


  1. Sermon: "It Becometh Us To Fulfill All Righteousness" in Jeffersonville, Indiana, on October 1, 1961.