Are There Women Angels?

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    Message Believers claim that William Branham’s doctrine agrees 100% with the Bible.

    So, let’s compare the two:

    In 1963 William Branham said, “There's no such a thing as an Angel being a woman. There never was, in the Bible…”

    But Zechariah chapter 5, verse 9 says, “…behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork…”

    So here is a statement that William Branham taught that is not Biblical.

    The problem grows when William Branham uses this statement to create a doctrine. Because he went on to say, “…And there's not, in the Church of the living God. There's no such a thing as a messenger woman.”

    William Branham often said that a “messenger” means an angel or a prophet. So, a “messenger woman” means a prophet that is a woman.

    In the Old Testament there were prophetesses, like Miriam, Deborah and Hulda.

    In the New Testament there were prophetesses in the Church, such as Philip the evangelists’ four daughters, which you can read about in Acts chapter 21, verse 9.

    As a result of this doctrine of William Branham’s, you won’t find any women in message churches today that claim to have the gift of prophecy. At least there were none that I knew of in the 2 message churches that I attended over a course of 32 years.