A Man Sent from God, by Gordon Lindsay

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    The book "William Branham, A Man Sent From God", written by Gordon Lindsay (published in 1950), contains many first-hand testimonies and newspaper reports on William Branham's meetings in the 1940s and 1950s.

    Editor's Note:

    The online version of this book distributed by Bible Believers Association, Inc. (the directors of which are Gerald Lush, Mark Coffey, and Robert Coffey) has been significantly altered from the original printed version.

    Attempts to revise history for the purpose of establishing doctrine is deceptive, and must be denounced.

    As a result, you may not be reading the words of Gordon Lindsay if you are relying on an online version. Other online versions may have borrowed from this altered version and, as a result, there is no guarantee that other online versions are true to the book as originally published. We therefore encourage you to find an original printed version of this book.

    The challenge presented by this book

    The introduction to A Man Sent from God contains the following statement:

    The story of the life of William Branham is so out of this world and beyond the ordinary that were there not available a host of infallible proofs which document and attest it's (sic) authenticity, one might well be excused for considering it far-fetched and incredible. But the facts are so generally known, and of such a nature that they can be so easily verified by any sincere investigator, that they must stand as God's witness to His willingness and purpose to reveal Himself again to men as He once did in the days of the prophets and the apostles.

    It is also important to note that much of the book was simply a repetition of stories that came directly from William Branham without any critical thought or analysis. At the time, Gordon Lindsay had no reason to believe that William Branham was not honest or that any of his stories had been altered from what had actually transpired. As such the book can be regarded as a hagiography which is defined:

    • a book about someone's life that makes it seem better than it really is or was;
    • a biography that praises someone too much; or
    • an idealizing or idolizing biography.

    The editors of this website, and others, have taken up the challenge to verify the facts surrounding William Branham's life and ministry. You can read our article on William Branham's life story for more details on a variety of William Branham's stories that did not line up evidence uncovered as the results of our sincere investigation to vindicate William Branham's life story.

    Testimony of a Man who was Violently Insane

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    The following testimony first appeared n the July 1948 issue of the Voice of Healing, and was reprinted on pages 136-137 of "A man send from God"

    When I was two years old I had polio. My parents carried me to many different doctors. I spent some time in crippled children's hospitals. All of them did no good. I got worse all the time. Finally my condition was so bad that I became insane. I had been in the state institution nearly seven months when my people heard about Brother Branham's healing service in Pensacola. I was carried over there and that night I was put in jail because the Lord wasn't through with me. He used me as an example to show the people that He has more power than the devil. When my sister came to see me the next morning, I was perfectly contented because God had shown Brother Branham that he had healed my body. I am now 25 years old and have a good job. Thank God for his healing power.

    T.C., Sopchoppy, Florida.

    Resurrection of Dead Woman

    Gordon Lindsay was the Editor for The Voice of Healing Magazine, which didn't always publish well researched or believable stories.

    The following condensed testimony is found on pages 92-94 of "A Man Sent From God":

    On the last night of the service an ambulance driver yelled and said "Brother Branham, my patient has died; can't you come to her?" The evangelist was taken to the ambulance row, and inside one of the ambulances he saw kneeling on the floor an old man. In his hands he clutched an old torn hat sewed with twine cord, and he said, "Brother Branham, mother is gone."

    The man of God walked close to the still form and took her by the hand. Her eyes were set, and she lay still and breathless. Brother Branham said, "She has cancer."

    The man replied, "That is true," and started crying "Oh God, give me back mother." Then all was silent in the ambulance for a few moments.

    Next the voice of Brother Branham was heard praying, "Almighty God, I beseech thee in the Name of Thy dearly beloved Son, Jesus Christ, give this woman her life again." Suddenly the limp hand tightened on the hand of Brother Branham. Then with a little assistance she sat up. The astonished husband saw what had taken place and threw his arms around her and cried, "Mother, thank God, your with me again."

    Testimony of Rev. Arthur Hyland

    The following testimony written by Rev. Arthur Hyland first appeared in the July 1948 issue of the Voice of Healing, and was reprinted on pages 145-146 of "A Man Sent From God":

    "Many were healed of all kinds of afflictions and diseases. Two large goiters disappeared right before my eyes, as well as a cancer on a lady's face. A girl's leg which had been shorter than the other, was lengthened. One Catholic lady who had been an invalid for 10 years was healed of cancer, raised up from her bed, walked out of the building, and has been doing all her work since. Many other healings took place for which we give God all the praise."

    Report from the Chicago Community News of March 24, 1949

    The following article was written by Fannie Wilson, a reporter, and reprinted on page 160-161 of "A Man Sent From God":

    The main difference between Rev. William Branham and most everyone else is: to them the Bible is ancient history; to him it is just as vital and positive a force now as in the days of Jesus of Nazareth. What makes the story different is that Rev. William Branham proceeds to prove his contention.

    Not that he contends. Far from it. Rev. Branham is more humble than all the humble men you have ever seen put together. (Can you imagine a white man, born in Kentucky, lifting a little cross-eyed negro child from Market Street, Waukegan, in his arms and saying, "Daughter, be healed in the name of Jesus Christ?") And her eyes had become straight, even as many others had, during this service of healing and revival meetings held in the Grace Missionary Church. Among those prayed for Monday night was a prominant Waukegan physician.

    During the Monday Night Service alone, nine people were healed after being born deaf and dumb. Most of these were born in this community or were known here previous to their healing. One of these deaf-mutes was healed of blindness also. All became able to speak, although the sounds were similar in tonal quality to those of a child. They also seemed surprised to hear their own voices.

    One man who had come from Iowa had a cancer on his leg from the knee to the ankle, which disappeared immediately after prayer. In last night's meeting children with paralysis, spastics and those suffering from mental deficiency recovered after prayer.

    Many important and respected people of Lake County heard and saw Brother Branham "diagnose" numerous diseases. Most of all, the individual for whom he was to pray saw the effect of their disease created on the minister's left hand, until the illness was stopped after his prayer.

    The audience was reminded many times by the speaker that he himself did not have the power to perform these healings, but that they were "acts of God" through faith of the individuals prayed for.

    In 1964, Gordon Lindsay told William Branham to repent for his teachings, or God would take him off the scene.
    “… Then brother Lindsay related something else to me that had happened regarding this same prophet. He said to me, ‘This past year, I was praying with my wife and sister Schrader about the work of the ministry. (Sister Schrader was a prophetess who has since gone on to be with the Lord.) We were praying about different projects in our ministry. Right in the middle of the prayer, Sister Schrader blurted out, ‘Go warn Brother [Branham]… he’s going to die.’ Brother Lindsay said, ‘I was busy, and I let that get by me, and I didn’t go warn him like I was supposed to. Then later, my wife and I and Sister Schrader were again praying about ministry projects. Again Sister Schrader blurted out right in the middle of prayer, ‘Go warn Brother [Branham]… he’s going to die. He’s walking in the way of Dowie.’ After his morning meeting, Brother Lindsay said, "I talked to him as the Lord had instructed me, but I saw that he wouldn’t listen…" (K. Hagin, ‘He Gave Gifts unto Men’, pg 164-170).

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