Rick Joyner

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    The person featured in this article was not a witness of William Branham's ministry, and does not agree with most of the doctrines taught by William Branham. However, this person accepts that William Branham was a prophet and the last-day messenger to the church.

    Rick Joyner is a pastor at MorningStar Fellowship, an offshoot of the Latter Rain movement. The following quote is taken from Rev. Joyner's book "The Final Quest", which he claims was received as a series of visions from God. While Rev. Joyner does not name William Branham, the description does not fit any other 20th Century evangelist:

    I felt compelled to look toward one of the thrones beside me. Immediately I saw a man I recognized. He had been a great evangelist when I was a child and many felt that he had walked in more power than anyone since the early church. I had read about him and had listened to some of his recorded messages. It was hard not to be touched by his genuine humility and the obvious love he had for the Lord and people. Even so, I also felt that some of his teachings had gone seriously awry. I was surprised but also relieved to see him sitting on a great throne. I was captured by the humility and love that still exuded from him.
    As I turned to ask the Lord if I could talk with this man, I could see how much the Lord loved him. However, the Lord motioned for me to continue walking and would not permit me to speak with the evangelist.
    “I just wanted you to see him here,” the Lord explained “and to understand the position he has with Me. There is much for you to understand about him. He was a messenger to My last-day church, but the church could not hear him for reasons that you will understand in due time. He did fall into discouragement and delusion for a time, and his message was distorted. It must be recovered, as well as the parts that I have given to others which were also distorted.”