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    Jack Moore, William Branham, Demos Shakarian, Sally Olsen, and Billy Paul Branham in Puerto Rico.

    Jack Moore (1905-1975) was a Pentecostal minister in Shreveport, Louisiana, co-founder of the "Voice of Healing" magazine, and director of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International. After hearing reports of William Branham's services in Arkansas, Jack Moore invited him to speak in his assembly. Shortly after, Jack Moore acted as manager for William Branham's evangelistic campaigns in 1947 until he introduced him to his friend, Gordon Lindsay who took over as manager.

    The 13th Chapter of Gordon Lindsay's book "William Branham - A Man Sent From God", entitled "Sketches from the Branham Meetings" was written by Jack Moore. A few excerpts from this chapter are included below:

    Surprise and bewilderment were among our mixed emotions that first Sunday evening of Brother Branham's visit to us when we arrived early at our large frame tabernacle and found the building so congested that we could hardly get in. This had never happened before on the first night of any meeting...but this was a Branham meeting! A steady stream of traffic had wound its way through Arkansas hills and Louisiana valleys that day, reverently tracing the path of this 20th century prophet, whose prayers could cause diseases to be accursed, broken homes to be reunited, drunken father to repent, prodigal sons to return, feuding Christians to be rekindled by the fire of their first love.

    A blind man receives his sight

    An indelible picture in my mind recalls a middle-aged man feeling his way through the prayer line, stone blind for 30 years. As he nears the evangelist I hear him say, "I feel my eyes getting warm!" When prayed for he was told to look up, and for the first time since a child, he says, "I see a light!" I cannot soon forget the expression upon his face as he stood and gazed for several minutes with a smile of gladness across his face.

    (Gordon Lindsay, A Man Sent From God, Chapter 13, Page 105)

    Healing on the Indian Reservation

    The church was packed out and many stood outside so the evangelist preached through an interpreter from the steps of the church to a not-so-sure audience, but soon the prayer line was formed and the power of the Lord was present to heal.

    Here we had they were privilege to see a real display of faith ...The demonstration of just a few of these miracles was all the Indians needed to convince them. Presently, we noticed a bit of confusion as numbers of them began to get up and leave abruptly...then saw the explanation of this a little later when they began to file back in, bringing others with them.

    Seeing had meant believing to the Red Man, and he had left the scene of the marvelous to go and bring in his sick and invalid loved ones who had been left in the huts.

    I would mention an elderly woman who was hobbling through the prayer line on home made crutches of broomsticks. When she came in contact with the evangelist, she never waited for our brother to pray for her, but just handed him her crutches, straightened up and walked away. Such simple, childlike faith.

    (Gordon Lindsay, A Man Sent From God, Chapter 13, Page 108)

    William Branham comments on Jack Moore

    Brother Jack Moore, many of you has met him, a brother who stuck by me like a real brother. I tell you, Brother Moore's not very much of a person to present himself. He's not--doesn't care about being seen. It's hard to get him up even to preach in one of the meetings. But a scholar, a brother, a diplomat, a preacher, a real brother is our brother Jack Moore from Shreveport, Louisiana. Many dangers, toils, and snares, we have already come, Brother Jack and I, side by side. Whether I'm feeling good, whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong, whatever it is, Jack Moore's still my friend. That's a real friend.

    Sermon: Whatever he saith unto you do it, Chicago, Illinois, July 22, 1954