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Photo courtesy of Jordan Peterson and Pearry Green.

And I was talking to Somebody, setting way out in the woods. No squirrels, been there for three days; there's no squirrels there. And I was setting in a sycamore thicket. Squirrels don't even come... Anyone that hunt squirrels, know they're not in sycamore. And I'd been setting there; and wind blowing real hard, about ten o'clock in the morning, and I was thinking again.
And It said, "You're hunting, and you need squirrels just the same as Abraham needed a ram."
I thought, "That's always told me the truth, but this sounds funny." I got up from where I was setting, looked all around, "Where is that Person that was talking to me?" Nothing, wind just blowing real hard. And I thought, "Could I have fell asleep and dreamed that?" No, I wasn't asleep. I was setting up against the tree there, watching, supposed to pick up Brother Wood and Brother Sothmann back there just in a little bit, around ten o'clock in the morning. Farmers all out there working, gathering their corn... And I heard It again, say, "You are hunting, and you need game. How many do you need?"
And I thought, "Now, I don't want to overdo this; I'm just going to ask for three, three squirrels. I want young, three red squirrels. I want them."
He said, "Then speak about it."
And I said, "I am going to get three young red squirrels."
He said, "Which a-way will they come?"
"Well," I thought, "I've went this far, there's Something talking to me here," just the same as you hear me talking. And God in heaven, with this Bible over my heart, knows that that's true. And He... And I said, "Well..." I picked out a ridiculous place, an old dry limb hanging out there, about fifty yards, where my rifle was shot in.
I said, "The first one will be right there," and there he was.
I rubbed my eyes and looked back. I turned my head, and I thought, "I don't want to shoot a vision." So I looked around again, and there set the squirrel. I throwed a shell up in my gun, aimed up, and I could see his black eye, young red squirrel. I thought, "I--I... Maybe I'm sleeping, I--I'll wake up in a few minutes. See? I'm dreaming about this." Well, I leveled down, shot the squirrel and it dropped off the limb. I thought, "Well, I don't know." I thought, "Should I go over and look for it?" And--and I walked over there, and there it laid. I picked it up and blood run out of it. A vision don't bleed, you know. So I picked it up, and it was a squirrel. I got real numb all over.
And I looked around, I said, "God, that was You." I said, "Thank You for this. I'll go out and..."
He said, "But you said. Do you doubt what you said? You said you'd get three. Now, where will the next one come from?"
I thought, "Well, if I'm dreaming, I'm going to continue on."
So I--I said... I picked out an old post over there, of a tree that was all wrapped up with this here poison ivy. You never get a squirrel in that. So I said, "The next one will come right out of that poison ivy," and there set that young red squirrel looking right at me. I set my gun down, and rubbed my eyes, and turned around again, I thought... There he set, turned his head sideways. I shot the squirrel, and then I started to go home.
But said, "You said three. Do you doubt what you said?"
I said, "No, Lord, I don't doubt what I said, for You're confirming."
This is one Scripture that stumped me: "Not if I say, but if you say." Not if Jesus said it, but if you say it yourself.
I thought, "Somehow I've broke into that channel, and I know He's here because I'm almost beside myself." I thought, "I'll make this one ridiculous, sure enough."
I said, "They'd be a red squirrel come down off that hill, come right down this a-way, and right by me, and go out, and set on that limb, and look down there at that farmer." Here he come down the hill, went right out, and sat, looked at the farmer. And I shot him.
Satan said to me, "You know what? The woods is just full of them now." And I set there till twelve o'clock, and not another thing happened. It goes to show that when God... He's the very Creator of heavens and earth.

Sermon: I have heard but now I see, Shreveport, LA, November 27, 1965.

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